Edit Sony RX1R II XAVC S MP4 in FCP X/7/6

Our company bought the new released Sony RX1R II, and recently, my work is to edit Sony RX1R II XAVC S MP4 in FCP X, but I am not very familiar with in this field. If anyone has had any experience editing this format in Final Cut Pro X, I would be pleased to learn of their experience and the specs of the computer they are using. I am hopeful that editing XVAC-S MP4 in FCP X smoothly without any problem in my next job. Thanks!


Surprise! Sony has announced its Cyber-shot RX1R II on NEW YORK, Oct. 14, 2015, it is an update to 2013’s RX1 and RX1R full-frame. The new RX1R II delivers the highest picture and Sony RX1R II XAVC S MP4 video quality of any Sony compact camera ever made. This can largely be attributed to the new camera’s high resolution 42.4 MP sensor paired with its large aperture, fixed focal length ZEISS Sonnar T* 35mm F2 lens, which have been fine-tuned to optimize performance together. It support 4K video recording, instead, you have the option to shoot up to 1080p at 24, 30 and 60 fps, while the ISO is set at a maximum of 102,400 when expanded. So it is easy to shoot in better quality wherever you go.

Now, more and more people have more demand in editing their shootted videos in some popular editing software such as FCP X/7/6, Adobe Premiere Pro, iMove, Sony Vegas Pro, etc. However, editing Sony RX1R II XAVC S MP4 in FCP X/7/6 directly is impossible, because FCP X/7/6 doesn’t well support XAVC S format at all. So to fix the issue of “XAVC S won’t import to FCP X/7/6”, there is no solution but to convert the XAVC S MP4 to FCP X/7/6 supported format. As we know, Apple ProRes codec is the FCP X/7/6 best editable friendly format, so you can transcode Sony RX1R II XAVC S to ProRes (422/4444) codec for further editing by a third-party software. Here, Acrok HD video converter for Mac is highly recommended for you, with the best XAVC S Video Converter, you can convert all your Sony RX1R II XAVC S MP4 to ProRes MOV for FCP X.

Free download Sony RX1R II XAVC S MP4 video converter

Free download Acrok HD Converter for MacFree download Acrok HD Converter for Windows

How to convert Sony RX1R II XAVC S MP4 for FCP X/7/6?

Step1:  Add Sony RX1R II XAVC S MP4 footage into the XAVC S to FCP X/7/6 converter.
Click the “Add files” button to import your source footage into this XAVC S to ProRes converter, no matter directly from your camcorder/camera or load from hard drive.

Edit Sony RX1R II MP4 videos with FCP X

Step2: Choose the Output Format for FCP X/7/6.
Tap the Format icon, from the dropdown menu select Final Cut Pro > Apple ProRes 422 (*.mov) as the target format.

Load 4K MP4 from Sony RX1R II FCP X for editing | Convert MP4 to ProRes MOV

Step 3: Convert the Sony RX1R II XAVC S MP4 to ProRes.
Tap the “Convert” button; it will start to transcode Sony RX1R II XAVC S to ProRes for FCP on Mac OS X immediately. When the conversion is done, you need to click “Open” button to locate the converted files. Then you can import and edit Sony RX1R II recordings in FCP without any problem.

Tip: The Sony RX1R II XAVC S MP4 video converter is not only a video converter, it is also equipped with built-in basic video editing functions like trimming, cropping, merging, adding watermarks, inserting subtitles, removing/replacing audios, etc.

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