Convert R3D to ProRes MOV for FCP X on Mac OS X El Capitan

Hi guys, I need you help me in editing .R3D files in FCP X now. Recently, my boss let me help him deal with some R3D video for better presenting. But when I import R3D footage into FCP X, it doesn’t work at all and wrong codec has appeared. I can’t successfully edit them, I am very worried. How can I directly import them without any problem? Please help me, thanks!

Convert R3D to ProRes MOV for FCP X on Mac OS X El Capitan

Have you got some .R3D files and don’t know how to import and edit them in FCP X? Don’t worry, from this article below you will learn how to deal with the workflow between R3D footage and FCP X.

About .R3d
Redcode RAW is the proprietary format of the Red Digital Cinema Camera Company. Everything you record using the Red Scarlet, Red Epic and Red Epic Dragon is saved as Redcode RAW, with the file extension *.R3D.

As we know, although Final Cut Pro is compatible with R3D files now, but in order to smoothly edit Red R3D footage in FCP without any problem, it is rather a tough work. To get rid of the problem, that leaves the question of: Into what format do you convert your RED footage in order to offline edit? Actually, you need third-party software to help you convert your R3D files to FCP X best supported format. And the most editable friendly format for FCP X is Apple ProRes 422 or Apple ProRes 4444. Here, Red R3D Video Converter is highly recommended for you, because it is a most popular and powerful converter on the market. It can help you convert R3D to ProRes codec  for FCP X with high quality image and video on your Mac OS X El Capitan. You may refer to the following step by step guide on how to convert R3D movies with the R3D to ProRers Converter.

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Turtorial on converting R3D to ProRes MOV for FCP X

Step1: Import R3D footage
Lunch and run the best R3D to FCP X Converter on Mac, then click “Add files” button to import files from your camcorder directly.

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Step2: Set ProRes as output format
Click “Format” bar to get drop-down menu and select Final Cut Pro> Apple PreRes 422(*.mov) as best output format.

Load 4K MP4 from Sony RX1R II FCP X for editing | Convert MP4 to ProRes MOV

Tip: Want to import and edit RED R3D recordings in Adobe Premiere Pro CC? This software can help you convert R3D to H.264 MOV or MPEG-2 MPG with fast speed.

Step3: Advanced video Audio settings
If you wanna, just click “Setting” to customize proper video/audio parameter including video size, brite and frame rate and more.

Step4: start R3D to ProRes conversion
When above steps are finished, just tap “Convert” to start the R3D to ProRes for FCP X conversion. Finally, click “Open” to get the generated R3D files.

Tips: Our software support free of use, you can enjoy it. After using, if you feel good and want to own it, you can buy the R3D to ProRes Converter just for yourself.

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