How to import Canon XF305 MXF into Premiere Pro CC?

Several days ago, my company held an anniversary celebration, there are a lot of wonderful performances, and finally, there is a wonderful interactive sessions. During the whole celebration, I use my Canon XF305 shoot some videos and image, now I want to import them into Premiere Pro CC for editing, but the work did not smoothly as imagine. In the software above prompts me error code so that I can’t edit Canon XF305 footage in Premiere Pro CC, what’s gong on? How can I smoothly import my Canon XF305 MXF footage into Premiere Pro CC? Please help me, thanks!

Canon XF305 to Premiere Pro

The Canon XF305 have three 1920 x 1080 CMOS sensors, features including multiple bit rates, variable resolution and frame rates, industry-standard MXF file wrappers, a newly developed L-Series 18x zoom lens, and full image customization. The XF305 uses .mxf for its file structure–an internationally standardized container format for the exchange of video and audio material. Using the MXF format, video and audio can be wrapped into a single file along with important metadata. With the stunning features, you can record the special moments and keep the memory forever. The professional high-performance camera adds much color to our lives.

However, if you have many Canon XF305 MXF footage and need to import them into Premiere Pro CC for further editing, you may encounter some problems. The main reason is that Premiere Pro doesn’t support MXF format at currently, in order to import Canon XF305 MXF footage to Premiere Pro with best possible quality, you can convert the MXF to H.264 Codec, which optimizes the video data for editing in Premiere Pro CC, CS6, CS5, etc. Besides, to get rid of the problem, you are recommended to use the third-party software – Acrok MXF Converter. It is a high-quality compatible Canon MXF Converter, player and editor. The MXF file converter can help you successfully finish the conversion task between the Canon XF305 MXF footage and Premiere Pro. Below is a simple way on how to transcode MXF to H.264 MOV format.

Free download the MXF to Premiere Pro converter

Free download MXF Converter for MacFree download MXF Converter for Windows

How to import convert Canon XF305 MXF to Premiere Pro editable format?

Step 1: Lunch the great MXF converter on your computer, Load the Canon XF305 files into to the program.

import Canon XF305 MXF into Premiere Pro CC

Step 2: Click the “Format” to select the output format. It is recommended that Editing Software >> Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas AVC MOV (*.mov). This profile can help you encode MXF to Premiere Pro native editing format.

Convert XF305 MXF to Premiere Pro supported format

Tips: You can click “Editing” button, then choose the “Subtitle” option to add some words for your recordings to make them more vivid and clarity.

Step 3: Hit the “Convert” icon on the main interface, start the XF305 MXF to MOV conversion.

When it finished, you will be able to get the converted files compatible with Premiere Pro effortlessly. Now you can import and edit generated Canon XF305 footage in Premiere Pro CC smoothly. Please have a try and enjoy it!

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