Watch Blu-ray movies on OLED65B6P TV via USB flash drive

LG OLED TVs achieve perfect black for infinite contrast, and now also support HDR plus Dolby Vision for an exceptional viewing experience that’s closer to what filmmakers intended. Enjoy brilliant brights and the deepest darks for infinite contrast, rich color and an exceptional high dynamic range viewing experience, including support for Dolby Vision content.

Blu-ray to LG OLED65B6P TV

Your new LG OLED65B6P TV isn’t just for enjoying TV program. Did you know you can also watch Blu-ray on LG OLED65B6P TV? We created this article to help people with Blu-ray ripping software for LG OLED 4K HDR Smart TV, which supports video playback via the USB port easily.

As you know, LG Smart TV only plays a limited number of video formats. Blu-ray video format is not supported by LG OLED65B6P TV. That means you may have to convert Blu-ray to LG OLED65B6P TV playable format before playing it via USB drive.

To watch Blu-ray movies on LG OLED65B6P TV, a Blu-ray converting program is needed. Here Blu-ray Ripper is highly recommended to help you rip Blu-ray movies to LG Smart TV playback format with fast speed and high output video quality. In addition to LG Smart TV supported video format, it can also rip and convert Blu-ray to all other regular video formats like FLV, AVI, WMV, 3GP, MOV, etc. If you are Mac user, try Blu-ray Ripper for Mac to rip Blu-ray films to use over USB Flash Drive.

Download Blu-ray to H.264 MP4 Converter:

Free download Blu-ray Ripper for WindowsFree download Blu-ray Ripper for Mac

How to rip Blu-ray to LG OLED65B6P TV playback format?

Note that the quick start guide below uses Blu-ray Ripper for Windows screenshots to show you how to rip Blu-ray movies to LG OLED65B6P TV supported video formats in Windows (Windows 10 included). The way to do the conversion on Mac OS X is almost the same. Just make sure you’ve downloaded the right version.

STEP 1: Load Blu-ray files to the best Blu-ray ripping software

Click the Load disc button to load Blu-ray movies to the top Blu-ray converting program. The detailed information of your Blu-ray movie will be displayed. You can then preview them and choose the chapters you want to rip.

Watch Blu-ray movies on OLED65B6P TV via USB flash drive

STEP 2: Select H.264 MP4 as output format

Click HDTV > LG HDTV Video (*.mp4). The reason mp4 is the target format is that by packing the videos in mp4, the file size will be reasonable small and the video quality remains.

Blu-ray to LG OLED65B6P TV | Rip Blu-ray for playing on OLED65B6P TV

STEP 3: Edit the Blu-ray movies (optional)

The Blu-ray to LG OLED65B6P TV Converter comes with the editing functions enables you to customize your own videos in the following ways:
A. Crop – Crop the video frame size for better visual effects on the player.
B. Trim – Split the video clips to choose your favorite part of the Blu-ray movies.
C. Effects – You can change the video parameters like brightness, saturation, contrast and more.

STEP 4: Start to rip Bl-ray to LG OLED65B6P TV supported format

After all preparations, click the Convert button to rip your Blu-ray movie to LG OLED65B6P TV. When the conversion completes, click Open to get the converted MP4 files and play them with LG OLED65B6P TV via USB flash drive.

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