“How to convert Blu-ray to Moto G6 videos to put and play Blu-ray movies on Moto G6? Should I get a Blu-ray ripping software to crack and backup Blu-ray movies to my ASUS 23.8″ Z240IE?” This has been a quite hot question among all Motorola Moto G6 mobile users. The Moto G6 features the 1080 x 2160 pixels resolution 5.7 inches large screen that produces quite vivid video effect. Meanwhile, its Octa-core 1.8 GHz Cortex-A53and Adreno 506 makes it fast and fluent while running the apps and watching movies. Without doubt, it’s really wonderful and amazing to watch Blu-ray movies on Moto G6.

Blu-ray to Moto G6 | Watch Blu-ray movies on Moto G6

But we know, the Moto G6 only recognizes video and audio formats like H.264 MP4, no Blu-ray supported. Users need to convert Blu-ray to Moto G6. The problem in fact is which Blu-ray to Moto G6 converter to use and how to rip Blu-ray to Moto G6 on Windows 10 or Mac OS X 10.11. Acrok Blu-ray to Moto G6 Converter could help you easily do this. This Blu-ray to Moto G6 converter could easily convert Blu-ray to MP4, H.264, MP3, and other videos that are friendly with Moto G6 and other Android smartphone. By conversion, you can freely play Blu-ray movies on Moto G6. Mac users could turn to Moto G6 Blu-ray Ripper for Mac.

Download and install this Blu-ray to Moto G6 converter firstly. Then, follow the bellow steps to convert Blu-ray movies to Moto G6 video and audio.

Free download Blu-ray Ripper for WindowsFree download Blu-ray Ripper for Mac

Tip: How to play iTunes movies on Moto G6 for playing?

The basic way of transferring video is by manually copying your iTunes video files into a temporary folder on your PC. Then one can simply connect your Moto G6 to the computer using a USB cable and open the G6’s video folder. Simply transfer your movie files from the computer to your G6’s video folder. You can copy-paste, drag-and-drop, or use any other equivalent method.

As we know, movies, videos, TV shows, etc. purchased from iTunes are protected by DRM and can’t play on any Android smartphone or tablet. Unluckily, Motorola Moto G6 is one of them. Meanwhile, M4V is not a format supported by Moto G6 (It prefers MP4). That means, to play iTunes M4V movies on Moto G6, you’ll need to both remove DRM protection from iTunes videos and at the same time convert M4V to Moto G6 compatible H.264 MP4. iTunes to Moto G6 Converter is your best choice to do this job. You can get this iTunes DRM Removal software via 25% off coupon code.

How to rip Blu-ray to Moto G6 supported foramt?

1. Import source Blu-ray files
Start Acrok Blu-ray to Moto G6 Converter and click “Load Disc” button to add source Blu-ray files in. ( Drag and drop source Blu-ray files on Acrok Blu-ray to Moto G6 converter, or click button to add source files.)

Acrok Blu-ray Ripper | Rip Blu-ray movies, backup Blu-ray files

2. Set output format
Click “Format” bar on this best Blu-ray Ripepr to choose output profiles, say H.264 MP4. You can get this output profile in “Android” category.

Convert Blu-ray movies to Moto G6 video and audio

3. Convert Blu-ray to MP4
Start converting Blu-ray to Moto G6 videos by clicking “Convert” button. After the conversion, you can transfer the converted Blu-ray movies to your Moto G6 for playing freely.


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