How to edit Red one 4K RAW video in FCP X?

RED One to FCP X

I am a media worker, and recently we are using Red one camera shoot Public service ads micro movies, I would like to do some post-processing with the 4K RAW video in FCP X. However, it gives me an error when I import Red one 4K RAW video to FCP X on Mac OS X 10.11, which says that there may be no codec for FCP X. I don’t know why in this case, and my colleague told me the reason is due to the format is not supported by Final Cut Pro. So should I convert the Red one 4K RAW video to the FCP natively supported format?

RED one as the first generation of digital camera, which redefined digital cinema upon its arrival, democratizing 4K capture and challenging the status quo. Seize every moment with the ability to capture anywhere from 1-120 fps onto high-speed RED CF or SSD media. Since its arrival, the RED ONE has established a pedigree of Oscar winning films, 3D features, and even magazine covers that have solidified its reputation as a reliable workhorse. Many camcorder owners often prefer to import their Red one 4K RAW video files into FCP for better effect.

However, many people may say “I can’t edit my Red one 4K RAW footage in FCP X smoothly, which annoyed me very much”. As far as we know, the basic reason why we can’t import and edit 4K in FCP X is because currently 4K RAW files still cannot be well supported by Apple Final Cut Pro. And due to FCP best supported format is Apple ProRes, so 4K RAW footage can’t be edited well in FCP. If you have many Red one 4K RAW footage in hands and want to edit them with FCP X, the best method is to convert 4K RAW video to Apple ProRes codec. You need a 4k video converter to help you successfully complete the conversion. Acrok HD Video Converter for Mac is recommended for you, which allows you to convert 4K RAW video to all sorts of common video formats with zero quality loss. Below is a fast and easy way for you to learn how to transcode Red one 4K RAW footage to Apple ProRes on Mac.

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Guide: How to convert Red one 4K RAW video to ProRes?

Step1: Install and run the free trial version of this 4K RAW to FCP converter on your computer.

How to edit Red one 4K RAW video in FCP X?

Step2: Add the 4K RAW files into Red One Video Converter, you just need drag and drop them to the program window, or click “Add files” to upload your files.

Red one 4K Video Converter - Edit 4K RAW video in FCP X

Step3: Select FCP supported file type as the output from the drop-down, tap “Format” option to choose Final Cut Pro>“Apple ProRes 422 (*.mov)”.

Tips: If you prefer to add some watermark to your 4K footage, you can just choose “Edit”> “Watermark” option to add arbitrary.

Step4: Hit the “Convert” button to start the Red one 4K RAW to FCP conversion, the conversion will be completed with high speed and high quality.

Tips: If you have any question when you enjoy the Red one video Converter, you can send e-mail to inform us in time, we will promptly let researchers to repair and upgrade.

  • September 26, 2015

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